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The future of finance starts today

We believe that existing financial companies will adopt and ultimately enable the blockchain community to thrive. That is why we operate in a regulated environment that protects customers and provides a successful path forward with today’s financial services providers.

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Keep your clients at your firm: A complete platform for digital assets

Hedge provides the most powerful and flexible tools for cryptocurrency custody and management. Whether you’re creating a retail investment app, Bitcoin trading desk, an institution investment vehicle, or anything in-between, Hedge’s API can help you create the best possible experience for your users.

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Staking – Put your portfolio to work

Our institutional-grade key security is perfect for reliably staking any digital asset. Earn passive returns from your portfolio on a variety of protocols including masternodes, EOS and Tezos.

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We've got you covered

All digital assets managed by our platform are insured against disastor, bugs, theft and other bad actors.

Developers First

We believe that custody and execution for cryptocurrency is a problem solved by simple, secure, and flexible API integrations. Developers are the lifeblood of the blockchain community and only through powerful tools can we be successful in empowering this next-generation financial community.

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