Robust Key Management

From exchanges and lending platforms to staking companies and utility tokens, Hedge manages key custody and network interactions so you can do more with your business.

Fast, Secure Signatures

Quickly generate signatures for transactions and other arbitrary data. We make it easy to interact with smart contracts and can integrate with third-party dApps upon request.

Payment Forwarding

Securely accept payments and automatically forward them to an address of your choice. Also known as sweeping, our platform simplifies the process of accepting deposits from customers.

Insurance Coverage

All digital assets managed by our platform are insured against disaster, bugs, theft and bad actors. We also work with third-party registered custodians for those needing financial regulatory compliance.

Advanced Access Control

We ensure you’re always in control of your own assets. While we implement industry-leading security protocols in our software, we create operational flexibility so you can tailor procedures and policies that best fit your business.

Dedicated Support

Our team will provide white-glove support to ensure you’re onboarded correctly with ease. We also provide 24/7 email and phone support to assist in large transactions and fund transfers.

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Staking as a Service

Our hardened key security is perfect for reliably staking any digital asset. Easily delegate to anyone or let us spin up dedicated nodes to stake your own assets.

Built for Developers

We believe building a blockchain business should be easy. That's why we strive to make our API simple, secure, and flexible. By reducing the complexity of working across these distributed networks, we’re empowering all developers to move quickly and create a distributed future.

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Chat with our team

To learn more about Hedge or ask a question about any of the features of our product, send us a message and our sales engineers will quickly get back to you.