One-Click Setup

Get a private, secure node set up with just one click. Get started with production-ready infrastructure including storage, load balancing, logging, security, and more.

Scale On-Demand

Scale up quickly as your needs grow. It’s easy to meet the demands of your application with our fast auto-scaling components.

Multi-Cloud Provider

We’ve designed our systems to be spread across multiple regions and cloud providers. Outages are no longer a concern for your application.

24/7 Support

We are dedicated to ensuring your business remains up and running. Our team is available around the clock by phone, chat, and email.

Hedge connect screenshot

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

The backbone for any business

Staking Companies

Be your own staking company using our platform and worry only about your delegates. We make it easy to start staking yourself and charge your own delegates a rewards fee.

Game Developers

Begin storing game data on the blockchain in no time. Games with any size community can easily integrate and scale without having to install, configure and secure the desired blockchain network.


Quickly deploy individual hardware wallets with advanced controls including multi-signature thresholds, address whitelists, time and amount limits, and more.


Escrow, manage, and custody digital collateral with the help of built-in tools around popular stablecoins and smart contracts like Maker Dai and Dharma. Get started in days not months.

Join our beta launch

Register to join our beta launch of Hedge Connect. Let us know in the comments about your use-case or unique needs that Hedge Connect may be able to help with.