What does 'Advanced Smart Contracts' include?

We support additional integrations and support for more advanced smart contracts like Dharma. Our platform can accommodates any unique signing workflow to support a wider range of business use-cases.

What is 'Payment Forwarding / Deposit Sweeping'?

Payment Forwarding allows you to generate addresses where every incoming transaction is immediately forwarded on to another address. For example, you may want to consolidate customer deposits to a pooled treasury wallet. This would normally require manual intervention for every deposit, particularly when funding gas for token transfers. Hedge automates this entire process so you can focus on serving your customers.

What are some examples of 'Advanced User Access Controls'?

Advanced controls include multi-signature functionality, but also more specific custom controls. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Transfer limits
  • Time restrictions
  • Location / IP filters
  • Address whitelists

Do you charge a commision for 'Staking as a Service'?

No, staking is included in your monthly fee.

What certification does your hardware have?

Our hardware is FIPS 140-2 Level II Certified.

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